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11:01 pm baltimore. >> from the city, to the counties, to your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. tragedy in newtown, a final good-bye said as the last of the young victims are laid to rest. one has roots right here in baltimore. i'm adam may. today marked the final day of funerals of the victims of the sandy hook elementary school. a young girl was laid to rest with a special connection with maryland. rochelle ritchie has more on the story. >> reporter: her name was josephine jay. he was 7 years old and loved the ravens. her funeral was this afternoon in newton and a vigil was held
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in her honor. her bright senile and innocence is being remembered here in baltimore and newtown, connecticut. where she was laid to rest this afternoon. >> may we have a moment of silence to remember these victims. >> reporter: she was one of 20 children fatally shot at sandy hook elementary school, a school shooting that rocked the nation. >> they're just babies, they shouldn't be taken away from their mother. >> reporter: josephine turned 7 days just three days before the shooting. she was a native of columbia maryland and moved to newtown four years ago and she loved the baltimore maryland. >> as a father of three, it's extremely upsetting and a week later everything is still setting in. >> reporter: several people gated in mount vernon to remember josephine and the 25 other victims. her family has not come forward to speak out about the shooting but released this statement. she touched the lives of so
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many around her. the shooting in newtown has sparked debate on gun laws, many calling for the ban of assault weapons, others for more security at schools. josephine was the last of three children to be laid to rest. back to you. 6-year-olds an ma marques green and emilie parker were laid to rest told. holiday stars are speaking out against gun violence, demanding a plan to control gun violence across the country. >> for the children of sandy hook, demand a plan. no more lists of the names. it's not too soon. it's too late. >> now is the time. >> jennifer aniston, polaroid, some of the other celebrities that took part in fact project demand the plan to end the violence is the campaign of the
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mayors against illegal guns campaign. they was arrested an 18- year-old, michael jabateh has been charged with attempted murder. it happened earlier this month and a shot through the officers car door after the officer honked his horn trying to disburse a crowd leaving a house party. there's a lot of activity in pikesville when a pedestrian was hit by a car. this is the scene here at ricers town road and old court road. stimunclear how the crash occurred or who is at fault. but we know pedestrian injuries were not life threatening. hospitals around the country are saying half of 7900 people need to be tested for hepatitis c have not be tested. a traveling medical worker was accused of stealing drugs and infecting patients with. as of yesterday, four cases were found here in maryland.
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david worked at several hospitals here in maryland. he's expecting to go on trial next fall. parts of western maryland got a taste of winter. snow has been falling in garrett county. and schools were closed on friday because of the white covering. residents say the weather is pretty tame compared to what else they've seen so far this year. they had the big storm during sandy. close to baltimore, it is chilly. the wind is kicking o out there. it feels really cold but no snow so far. meteorologist bernadette woods is here. >> there's always a chance of a white christmas. we're going to take you through the wind gusts a. few flurry but that was it. marshal coming in at 44 miles
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per hour, and everyone was up there this afternoon. there's been some come down considerably. we're getting rid of the storm, the wind gusts under 20 miles per hour except out west and overnight those are going to die down, other than a brief tomorrow we're done with this round. we have a few storms move our way, one on monday. for the most part rain showers, but maybe something white for some of under the influence. details coming up in the -- some of the details coming up in the forecast. thousands of people are still trying to rebuild from sandy, and days before christmas, scroll -- volunteers delivered hope to one family trying to move back into their home. >> reporter: lainy doesn't have a job this christmas. superstorm sandy destroyed the restaurant when weather -- where she and her daughters worked. >> you want to be back in your
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home, even if it's not that going to be the same. >> reporter: volunteers from operation blessing are trying to make that happen. >> give me 52. >> reporter: days before christmas 7 put up insulation, an expensive job that this single mother says she doesn't have money for right now. >> it's such a rerelief, a burden off your shoulders, fabulous that there's such kind, thoughtful people. >> reporter: the family won't be back in their house this christmas. they don't expect the work to be complete until the spring. knowing others volunteered their time to make their christmas a little brighter is the best gift they could receive. in october, sandy caused billions in damage along the east coast and devastated this water front community. volunteers have done more than 300 jobs like this one for the people of breezy point. >> this is an area affected by the storm and there's so much need. >> reporter: laura kelly and
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her family came from connecticut to help rebuild. >> if i was in this position, i would hope people would help me. >> reporter: they say it's not a little deed. it's given them hope. erica ferrari, wjz eyewitness news. the family says they came to new york to help the sandy victims in honor of those killed in newtown earlier this month. they say it's one of 26 acts of kindness they want to complete this holiday season for each of the victims. two high profile resignations his egypt. the vice president has resigned. mekki said he realized politics did not suit his professional background as a judge. in the case of the bank governor, officials met with him earlier this week trying to parade him not to -- persuade him not to leave.
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and the pope met with the former butler and pardoned him. he was caught stealing from the pope and released the private documents to the media. the case against the butler was vati leaks and he told him personally he had been pardoned. and the butler is now free. it is a corporation for national and community service and this week it made its home right here in baltimore. tim williams has more on the residence campus of americore and the undertakings o. group. >> reporter: a beginning of a new chapter. >> 3, 2, 1. >> reporter: and with that the the mericore has a new home in southeast baltimore in the former education building of the sacred heart. >> it will house those young men and women who want to
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devote their life to service. >> reporter: it is a full-time residential national program in which young adults from 18 to 24 years old serve 10 month terms. they address national disaster, the environment, conservation as well as urban and rural development. they get credit and vouchers toward paying down educational debt. >> i was looking for a chance to have adventure. >> i traveled through 21 states, serving in 12, assisted on four disaster calls from tornado, fire, flood and hurricane. >> this new center will house more than 240 volunteers. >> 460 members have given more than 90,000 hours of service since 2009 and that 90 thousands hours spent making baltimore better safer and stronger. >> reporter: the area is thrilled to have them tim williams wjz eyewitness news. to find out about them, look for a link to the story at
11:11 pm, it's under our local news session. the senate majority leader is asking hawaii's governor to act fest. they want to fill the senators seat by the end of the year. he wants to ensure that hawaii is fully represented. he died of respiratory failure last wreak, and still no deal on the flitch. hawaii representative colleen hanibusa. president obama started his evacuation this weekend. they arrived in honolulu this morning. mr. and mrs. obama, their two daughters will spend the l holiday in hawaii. the temperature there this morning, it's pretty nice out there, 72 degrees. we have a lot more still to come on wjz eyewitness news.
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a massive fire with dozens of injuries, who's still missing and what's blamed for the blaze. first homicide on record if a while, where this crime occurred and how long it's been since the last one. and a daring rescue, why this police officer jumped. check this out, into freezing water. what people are saying about it now. making a list and checking it twice, holiday shopping is hard work but for some kids, it's a little easier when you can shop with a school cop. i'm gigi barnett in glen burnie. i'm bernadette woods as we wrap up this storm, we have a new line later this week. we'll have more later coming up on your forecast when eyewitness news continues. >> complete coverage continues with adam may and meteorologist bernadette woods, and sports with stan
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partly cloudy out there with 33 degrees in central maryland, bernadette woods will have the forecast but first in china an office fire sends more than a dozen people to the hospital. they broke out earlier this morning inside the world trade plaza. 50 people evacuated. 16 were treated for carbon monoxide poisoning. a security guard remains missing. no word on the cause of the fire. outrage after a brutal gang rape in india. last week a 23-year-old medical student was stripped down and raped on a moving bus. after wards, she was thrown
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into the street and left to die. police have arrested six men including the bus driver. tonight activists are calling for stricter laws to make sure something like this never happens again. >> i said if it means coming out here on the street and standing and saying let's do something for that child. and let all our children be safe. >> the victims remain in critical condition tonight. a quiet town in alabama goes more than two years without a single murder, but that streak is over. detectives in hoover investigating their first homicide since mid-2009. last night two people were shot and killed outside a nightclub there. a third person was hurt. police have a suspect in custody but no charges have been filed in the case. a boston police officer is being hailed as a hero for rescuing a drowning woman. it shows the officer jumping right into the waters.
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he swam about 50 feet to the wall and was clinging to a nearby raft, he makes it over to her there. a policeman pulled up. the officer helped the woman inside it. she was treated for hypothermia at the hospital. still not clear how that woman or why she fell into the water. whether for shopping for others or yours, getting everything on the christmas list can take a little bit of help. as we all know this time of year. gigi barnett has dozens of baltimore it students that got to shop with a cop. >> reporter: there's nothing like a school cop to keep the christmas budget in check is what baltimore city students learned this week when they shopped with a cop at wal-mart in glen burnie. the school resource officers became personal escorts for the kids, did the heavy lifting, even checked prices. school police chief marshal goodwin says the shopping
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tripos teaching moment for the students because it builds trust. >> i want them to understand we're the not there just to arrest people. we're there to make sure schools are safe and build a relationship. >> reporter: they all receive a 100 dollar gift card and they made $5300 for the shopping spree. sometimes if the kids go over, they dip into their own pockets. >> when i grew up, i always wanted a bike. >> reporter: the students were hand picked by the schools to go on the shopping valley. some are -- spree. some are buying for family and friends and others are looking out for themselves. did you get anything for your brothers. >> they got theirs by they're self- >> reporter: more than 50 students shopped with a cop. i'm gigi barnett in glen burnie, wjz eyewitness news. after all that shopping, the students were treated to lunch because you know how shopping can make you hungry:
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a holiday surprise for people flying in and out of an airport in idaho. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> that could calm you down after the stressful travel. members of the idaho state carolers, they are made up of musicians from across the state. they performed string renditions of holiday classics at the airport every christmas. i did a little bit of flying today and it's hectic at the airport this time of year, isn't it. >> yes, it is and especially with storms that are lined up. >> yeah, and there's actually some delays in parts of the country i was just noticing. >> from the winds and the lake effect snow and the snowstorm that just went through the midwest, we know what it did to us and more to them. people are trying to recover from that. we have a couple more storms coming later in the week. for all those traveling, hopefully it goes more smoothly
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for you. starting out with what we saw today, clouds mixing with sunshine at times and a couple flurries out to the west as we finally wrap up the storm that started to come through thursday night and also you see the winds backing off down to 10 miles per hour with gusts just over 20 miles per hour out west. we showed you a little bit earlier in the show they were gusting over 50 miles per hour. here's the cold air, 33 right now in baltimore. a are the of 30s out -- a lot of 30s out there. and when you factor in the breeze left over o, 9 degrees is what it feels like in oakland right now. it is a cold night. 25 right now in in baltimore. we topped out at 42 degrees. that's close to the average but when we had the wind factored in it felt like the 30s most of the afternoon. that low today is our current temperature and it is still dropping. we're going down into the 20s and here's the air coming down from the north. you can see single digits, even negative coming down into the
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country. we're going to tap in to some of this over the next couple of days. that's why when the storms come our way, may not all be just in the form of rain. first up, this storm finally leaving us a little bit of a break before the next storm comes our way. and tomorrow we're going to see sunshine, a few clouds out there, a breeze at times, but nothing like the wind today. if you're going to the game tomorrow evening, it's going to be cold but nothing like today. then we have it next moving our direction, clouds come in on monday and for the most part rain showers break out. the further north and west you go, further north and west you're traveling, could see snow showers and sleet moving in. not a huge storm but a damp monday into christmas day. that gets out of here and another ones cuts across the west and moves up the east coast wednesday into thursday. that one's going to have a lot more moisture and a lot more strength to it and could bring us a rain snow mix around here. we'll keep you updated on the
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details as we head through the holidays. check back in. on the water smart craft advisory over night. and tonight going down to 25 degrees. tomorrow, going up to 46. not a bad day over all tomorrow. but the temperatures will be dropping during the game in the 30s tomorrow. monday the rain possibly mixed with snow showers monday into early tuesday and that gets out of here. the next storm, wednesday into thursday and it will be cold behind it. >> thanks so
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stan's here with the wjz, the sports report, ravens turn the ship around tomorrow. >> and they need all the help they can get. folks they really need him, they can't be with him just yet, though. ravens line backer, ray lewis has been forced to sit out his 9 9th game after tearing his right biceps muscle earlier
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this season. they chose not to activate the heart of the defense. we'll have to wait another week to see if ray lewis plays in the regular season finale before they begin their playoff run. tomorrow's giants ravens affair has the defending super bowl champs need a win badly. the giants are trying to defend their crown and the purple birds are already in the playoffs despite a 3 game losing streak. they can clinch titles with the victory tomorrow without another team's help. >> we've been louising and making the playoffs is crazy. like you said, it would be a lot better if we can do it ourselves. >> basketball now today in chicago, acting head coach, thomas of the umbc retrievers, watch thes defensor steals. that's chase plumber to aaron morgan had 15 points, 3 steals
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and 2 assists. baltimore cleveland melvin, there he is, for duh paul, two steals and a block. du paul 9 and 3. and 0 and 6 owned road, 69-61 the final score. also today, another mismatch for coffee state, overmatched by iowa in iowa city in a nutshell. it was a kudos to the copper state athletic department for getting the money needed to play the teams, but the teams themselves have to suffer. david versus goliath. iowa 80-50. a little dirty decorating, the surprise materials used to spice up this fast food restaura
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who says you need to spend big bucks on holiday decorations, check out what a burger king manager made in cape corral florida, he used trash to make the scene from a christmas carol, you'll see old yogurt containers
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that's it for us tonight, be sure to watch tim and gigi, for. for bern and stan, i'm adam may. criminal mind is next. i'll se

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